Did Damson Idris & Lori Harvey Break Up?

Damson Idris and Lori Harvey are reportedly in jeopardy again as a couple. Read the latest rumors on their status.

Damson Idris. Lori Harvey took him to New York for oxtail pizza as if she was a New Yorker. They dodged love bullet after love bullet. And yet…they survived.

But a recent post by the actor has the rumor mill on fire. Did he drop a cryptic message to get us talking or is it over? They have definitely been quiet. Check out what he said on his IG Stories that got this whole thing started: “The only thing that changes the value of something is its location. So the next time you feel worthless. Perhaps you are just in the wrong place. Find where you will be valued.”

First of all, I can’t believe “Snowfall” is really over.

OK, moving on, what do you think? They were just at a Beyoncé concert a couple weeks ago and said “a time was had.” What does that mean? To me, it means they were doing thing to keep it spicy and maybe, just maybe, were having unique experiences in an effort to fight for the relationship.

This isn’t the first time we’ve been here. Earlier this year, Lori Harvey addressed her relationship with Damson through an Instagram story, making her message crystal clear. To put an end to those rumors, the Harvey step-daughter and model shared a photo on her Instagram Story. The picture featured Idris with a smile seated in the driver’s seat of a car. Then she said, “My exceptionally attractive Uber driver.”

The rumors about their separation started a few months ago, causing gossip-filled blogs to go crazy. Many people were mean, wishing them doom. Now, they have something else to talk about.