Did D-Nice (And Others) Literally Break Instagram?

It looks like Hip-Hop has put a major strain on Instagram! Even Mark Zuckerberg is like “What up!?”

(AllHipHop Rumors) Well, you all know the story now. D-Nice went and broke the internet! After a few days, since coronavirus really got going here stateside, D-Nice took it upon himself to tap into the main vein of what we all were felling and and held a virtual party called “Homeschoolin.” It started out with just a few people, like 600. Then it jumped to 100,000! Suddenly, he’s bussing’ down upwards of 200K! This is the dude that was the DJ for Boogie Down Productions! 

Now, he is literally the hottest ticket in town, being courted by Oprah! She called him! Now, mind you,we managed to get a quote from D-Nice, but didn’t secure and interview, because he is always DJing! last week, he DJ’d for 9 hours straight!!! And as the virtual crowd swelled, it raised an issue! Instagram is not used to all these people streaming on their platform so much….with such volume for such durations. 

This is why if somebody shares a “Live” on IG, it may come up as blank. I speculate this is to manage the sheer volume of the views! Most people don’t really think about the sheer bandwidth of streaming video like that. Since we have been running a site for a really long time, I can tell you….IT AIN’T CHEAP! I be Mark Zuckerberg got a report on what it was costing and jumped in that “party” like WTF is this  running my bill up like this!? 

Anyway, it seems like D-Nice along with all the other DJs over the world pushed Instagram to the limit and they had to limit IT. Not only D-Nice but Questlove, DJ Beverly Bond, Lord Finesse, Biz Markie (a first-timer), DJ Cassidy, Skillz and a bunch of others…they do their thing! They raised the mood all over the world! 

D-Nice’s price most certainly has gone UP UP UP and its about time!