Did DJ Drama Leak The Quentin Miller Reference Tracks Because Drake Slept With His Ex?


For a while it has been suspected that DJ Drama was the one who leaked the Quentin Miller reference tracks for Drake. Yesterday DJ Drama’s ex-wife, Summer, got upset about her late alimony payment and decided to “spill” it all. She claims to know for a fact Drama was involved in the Meek & Drake beef. Drama’s current girlfriend Jessica Burciaga seems to suggest that Drake was rapping bout Drama’s ex wife 2 years ago. The question is could this have been Drama’s motive for allegedly leaking the reference track to Meek Mill? Jessica says that Drake used Summer for a track but he no longer associates with her. To make matters worse Jessica said DJ Drama divorced Summer because she slept with four rappers that he was working with. Do you have any guesses on the four?

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