Did Drake Diss Chris Brown On New Mixtape?


Fans have been divided over Drake and Future’s ‘What A Time To Be Alive’ mixtape. Some believe it’s fire others believe it’s trash. After its release various quotes began to hit the net. It seems like Drizzy dissed someone on “Diamonds Dancing” about being ungrateful and going back to an “unstable” ex. Many have assumed that he’s talking about Rihanna and Chris Brown.

“You doing me dirty. How we let it get like this I don’t know. That n***a can’t save yo soul. Haven’t even heard from you, not a single word from you. How can you live with yourself. Ungrateful, ungrateful, yo momma be ashamed of you/I’m too good for you, good for you. He a perfect match for you—Unstable. Doing me dirty, dirty, dirty. You making me nervous. You look drained, you look exhausted, girl them late nights ain’t good for you, Really starting to show on you..”

Brown, as usual, felt like the diss was about him, and took to his Instagram to post a message about insecure people whose girls really loved him. He also didn’t fail to mention that his hands work great, as an invitation to whomever to come get beat down. When will it ever end?

Via Chris Brown

“I’m too blessed for the b#######. People who have had to sit a watch me for years do me and watch their females actually love me always show their insecurities. I embrace anything God has given me. It’s bigger than this music s###. I’m content with being Chris Brown. A lot of people are unhappy and a lot of these artist lie to the fans or rely on hype to gain substance. You n##### bore me. Ima keep being who God made me to be! ? #IAMMUSIC #othersbarelyholdanote #thesehandsworkgreat”