Did Drake Get Scammed Out Of $150K Just To Discover Kendrick Lamar Is Good In His Hood?

Kendrick Lamar and Drake

Don’t tell me Drake really went out like that?

It appears as though Drake is being called to face the music in his rap beef with Kendrick Lamar, where he’s accused of putting a bag up for blackmail in an attempt to disqualify K. Dot’s rep.

Drake’s claim that Kendrick doesn’t invest in his neighborhood of Compton is coming back to haunt him in more ways than one after a Blood Gang-affiliated rapper has explained how K. Dot puts on for the City.

Additionally, another individual with ties to Kendrick claims to be the source of false information Drake allegedly paid $150,000 for in order to accuse K. Dot of abusing his longtime partner, Whitney Alford. Concerning the latter, rapper Coolee Bravo claimed responsibility for misleading Drake in his pursuit to secure dirt on Kendrick during a Discord conversation with Twitter (X) user @italianfiesta, who’s rumored to be a close associate of Kendrick’s.

“[Drake] sent some n###as to Atlanta not knowing—See, this is why I say Kendrick f###ked him up bad,” Bravo said laughing as he began telling the story. “He tried to come down here and get some information on Kendrick… I can’t get no information on Kendrick because I’m only tied to his friend named L.”

As he pressed on, Bravo details how he allegedly set Drake up to send him funds without actually giving him any valid information.

“So they come to me and they try to give one of my little homies $100,000. I say, ‘What they asking for?’ and they say, ‘They wanna know something about Kendrick… what do you know about Whitney and all that sht?’ [I said to myself] ‘Whitney is [in New York] with [Kendrick] but mind you that’s a bombshell—they don’t know that.

“Drake talking all that sht about, ‘Why you live in New York?’ I said, ‘Ohhhh, they stupid.’ So, I said, ‘Take the money, I’m a tell them a lie.’”

Coincidentally, around the same time information began developing regarding Drizzy being scammed for six figures, an interview clip from Compton rapper Hitta J3 also began trending over the weekend.

In the clip, J3 breaks down how ended up on the cover for Kendrick’s To Pimp A Butterfly album, in addition to the pgLang lyricist’s efforts to support natives from his city. In one particular part of the clip, J3 confirms that Kendrick has not only paid for the funerals of homies from the neighborhood who passed away, but he also reveals K. Dot offered to pay for the funeral of deceased rapper Kee Riches. A user on Twitter (X) reposted the clip with a story confirming Kendrick’s commitment to giving back to the community.

“I had a basketball team at Campanella Park in Compton. Kendrick was shooting footage for his tour, saw us practicing, got everyone shoe size, and went to footlocker and copped the whole team shoes,” the user wrote.

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