Did Fetty Wap Pop Up On His Baby Mama With Death Threats?


Photo via Fetty Wap’s Instagram

As you know things have gotten pretty bad between Fetty Wap and his baby mama, Lezhae. Lezhae has even gotten into social media feuds with Fetty’s sister. Apparently Fetty was tired of her rants and accusations on social media, and decided to pop up on her wanting to “fight” her and anyone related. Lezhae says Fetty is a whole b*tch for pulling up on her (his own baby mama) with death threats, and for doing so in front of their daughter and her grandmother. Lezhae says that Fetty needs to stop popping up on her and her family because there are grown men in the hood looking for him. Fetty’s BM says he doesn’t really want these problems. She also says he’s really not about anything he says or raps about. To think that all baby mama and baby daddy drama could be avoided if people made better decisions.