Did Hate For Marshawn Lynch Kill The Seahawks?

Marshawn Lynch Was The Intended Target!

The world remains baffled why – with under 1 yard to go and a running back named BEASTMODE – would the Seahawks throw the ball on such a risky move. The play failed ultimately causing the, to lose a game they were set to win. The conspiracies are running WILD. Some have said that he NFL is straight up fixed. But, even more, people are saying this comes down to not letting Marshawn “Beastmode” Lynch be the MVP. As you may know, Beastmode has been a thorn in the side of the NFL. He won’t do interviews, but his team has supported him. He wears Africa beads and promotes his clothing line and eats the fine. He does what the fluck he wants. Some have pushed the theory that he’s too black and too strong and they didn’t want that to be the face of the best. Tom Brady and the Pats are more in tune with what the league wants to “look like.” I find it REALLY hard for this team to suddenly get this stupid on the LAST play of the Super Bowl.