Did Jay-Z Buy DMX’s Whole Catalogue And Give It To His Kids?


The internet is on fire with foolishness!!

We are in an unprecedented era of stupidity. I won’t even beat around the bush. The rumors are saying the Jay Z has bought out DMX’s entire music catalog and is now in the process of gifting it to his kids. Jay Z and DMX go back, they go way back. They used to be extremely competitive and even battled on a few occasions. But come at the end of the day they became label mates and friends. They also had some periods of friction, most notably when Jay Z became the president of Def Jam.

All of that is water under the bridge.

Nowadays, it seems like Jay has been a great friend. According to what I’ve heard, he has helped DMX in the past find sobriety and recovery from his various afflictions and addictions. And he also was one of the people that helped him in certain financial situations. Now, people are saying he paid the ultimate price and bought DMX his entire catalog. A COOL $10 MIL! There’s no information whatsoever to suggest that this is true, in fact it seems to be flat out silly. First of all DMX is catalog is worth a lot of money, BUT I ADMITTEDLY DON’T KNOW HOW MUCH. Secondly, somebody – The Ruff Ryders or Def Jam – would be selling it, which I do not think that they are.

Thirdly, DMX just died and his body’s not even cold. Do you think that there would be ZERO press to make such a transaction and announcement, with no verification whatsoever already? No! It just sounds ridiculous to me, furthermore the information on the meme in circulation is wrong. It says that DMX has 17 kids, which he does not. He has 15 kids! In the world of messiness, there may be other kids out there, but right now we know it to be 15.

At any rate, this comes off the heels of the pure baseless gossip that DMX had a heart attack fueled by Covid or Covid that lead to a heart attack or got a coronavirus vaccine shot that killed him! People, just stop it! You sound stupid! And you will believe anything in some of these gossip rags or somebody just messing around with Photoshop. Just stop! Have a little bit more respect for his family and his friends and his love ones than to make up baseless gossip! The man DIED!