Did Keyshia Cole Deactivate Her Instagram Account Over Trollers?

O.T. Genesis don’t play when it comes to his music not being acknowledged so took his talents to Pornhub!

Y’all just can’t let the girl live.

If you’ve been following the whole O.T. Genesis/Keyshia Cole beef then I’m sure what’s running through your head right now is, “Really, girl!”

So here’s a quick rundown if you’ve been out the loop. O.T. did a hilarious remake and shot a music video for “Never Knew” which was basically a remix of Keyshia Cole’s, “Love.” 

The internet thought it was one of the funniest things they’ve seen all year, but our girl Ms. Cole didn’t. She wasn’t feeling the rapper taking her hit and making it his own saying she would like her classics to be left alone.

“Never Knew” was shortly after taken off YouTube. This did not sit well with Genesis. He took to Instagram to let everyone know that you are not about to play with him. He announced that the music video could now be viewed on Pornhub. 


Welp, I guess she couldn’t handle the scrutiny and has deactivated her Instagram for the time being. 

What y’all think? Should Keyshia be tripping over the remix to the song and should she have deactivated her account?