Did Keyshia Cole Vandalize Bow Wow’s Associate’s Car?


Photo via Bow Wow’s Instagram

Bow Wow recently celebrated his 29th birthday. However, the celebration wasn’t complete without a little bit of drama. Bow Wow says one of his exes decided to drive by and throw cake on what they thought was his car. The car was his friend’s car, and now his friend is saying his car was actually egged…..by Keyshia Cole! Remember there were rumors that Keyshia Cole & Bow Wow were dating. Both took to social media to deny the rumors, but Bow Wow denied them more than Keyshia did. Bow Wow said they were reviewing the footage to see exactly who it was. The fact that Bow’s friend already blames Keyshia Cole makes us believe she may have been the culprit. Keyshia tweeted,

“Then n*ggas wonder why they get f*cked up. Stop playing with me ASAP.”


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