Did Lil Boosie’s Son Get Arrested At SXSW?

Boosie Badazz

Lil Boosie’s son Tootie Raww ran into a bit of trouble with the cops down in Austin, TX. Was he harassed or caught in some mess?

Lil Boosie is always in the news, but his son is not. His son Tootie Raww is out there, seemingly living his young life. You might remember him, because he used to play around with T.I.’s son King. At first, I thought they were beefing for real, but it was all young, rich kid antics. Nevertheless, there’s a rumor that suggests Tootie may have crossed over.

These digital streets are saying that he was caught with a gun, drugs and a whole bunch of money. Sadly, there is not much more to this rumor, so it may be false. Still, the rumor could be linked to a lot of which has played out over social media. Some have even brought Charleston White into this because they were going back and forth a bit over social media.

One thing for sure is that this young dude grew up with a rich dad that has a lot of power in the hood! Why wouldn’t he just go be a rapper or a student? Hopefully, Tootie Raww is not in trouble, but looking below, it seems like he is claiming to be harassed. Based on the video and the description, he was knocked down in Austin during SXSW. Austin is as liberal as it gets for TX, but it is still the south. Seeing Tootie Raww out and about with what looks like a citation…I think he will be ok!