Did Lil Wayne Get Arrested In Saudi Arabia?

Lil Wayne gets p##### off for a big reason!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Just when you thought it was safe, Lil Wayne is in the rumors for all the wrong reasons! But, the Young Money mogul dodged a big bullet over there in Saudi Arabia. The initial reports stated that he had gotten arrested over there for smoking weed. Fortunately, he did not get arrested, but he almost did! He was in “town” for the Diriyah Music Festival with the homies Tyga and Future. The only thing is, drugs are strictly prohibited. Here’s thing thing, why book some druggy style rappers that actively promote drug use and then get all cray cray when they live it? LOL! 

Lil Wayne tweeted a distress signal Sunday morning boldly proclaiming, “Never going to Riyadh again !!!” Well, Wayne love weed more than money, because he really needed his “medicine.” It nearly got him locked up. He made it out of there and then popped off. Somebody popped back at him though.

Looks like Wayne almost was the next ASAP Rocky, but this time Donald Trump wasn’t going to put a good word in for the lil homie! One dude got my gangster than that! Basically told Wayne to rap, dance and S###! Wow…this is a very “Here’s what they think of you tweet.”

Cats going all the way over there…meanwhile drugs are being “decriminalized” over here! Sheesh! But they come here for their higher education…then go back. What’s going on? LOL!