Did Lil Wayne Marry Denise Bidot? Sure Looks Like It!

Lil Wayne

Denise Bidot got her man! Allegedly!

Lil Wayne and Denise Bidot
Lil Wayne and Denise Bidot

What’s going on with Lil Wayne. Wayne has been relatively quiet even though he continues to drop songs here and there. I don’t get the impression that he’s dropping anything similar or classic. But, he still is one of the rappers on Mount Rushmore and continues to captivate audiences.

The rapper, he has recently tweeted something that got everybody talking. He proclaimed himself to be the happiest man alive, A stark contrast from being the greatest rapper alive back in the day. But folks are speculating that maybe he got back with his girlfriend, the plus size model Denise Bidot. And it seems as such. A lot of people speculate that they may have quietly gotten married and Wayne is really happy over it.

“Happiest man alive! Today is the beginning of our forever. Forever?? Forever, ever?? FOREVER EVER!!!!! The Carters,” the rapper said.

Now, remember last year and probably now, Wayne was a staunch Trump supporter and his wiz was cut from a smarter cloth. She left him over his political views. Wayne was also facing some serious jail time and needed a way out. Trump gave him that, essentially saved him at the ripe age of 38. Ms. Bidot is BACK in a grand fashion…just like a model. Anyway, she deleted her Twitter to avoid the fray. Good for her.

There’s not much more to say about this other than it really seems like Weezy is really happy about the fact that he’s gotten back with his his lady.

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