Did Meek Mill Ban Nicki Minaj From Doing Any Film Sex Scenes?


Photo via Nicki Minaj’s Instagram

It looks like Meek Mill may have banned his girl Nicki Minaj from doing sex scenes in ‘Barbershop The Next Cut’ and anywhere else for that matter. Nicki has been promoting the film in an “ask Nicki” Q&A fashion on Twitter. A fan asked Nicki if there would be any sex scenes, and Nicki replied saying,

“I’m not allowed to do those.”

Should there be boundaries, or should Meek accept it because it’s acting/ role playing? Well, she did all kinds of “acting” with other guys when she was with Safaree. Nicki is an entertainer; a hyper-sexualized one at that. Something like a sex scene seems like it would come with the territory. What are your thoughts?

Nicki Minaj