Did Naya Rivera Try To “Shade” Big Sean?

Did Naya Rivera “Shade” Big Sean?

I know that Big Sean has dissed Naya Rivera in song (Actually “IDFWU” wasn’t even about her), but did she try to somehow take away his shine as his new album came to be the Tuesday? The Glee actress was set to marry Sean last year, but she and the rapper weren’t meant to be. Still, she managed to get married on the day she and Sean were to get married anyway. She just found a dude named Ryan Dorsey and married him on the very day she was to get down with Sean. Now, it seems, they seemingly tried to take attention from Big Sean’s Dark Sky Paradise, by announcing they are expecting their first child together! They deny it, but some insiders think they did. Anyway, I have to admit, Dorsey and Naya seem uber happy together. Even still, Sean and them seemed happy too. Well, they all need to be happy for Big Sean, because his new album will debut at No. 1.

Big Sean and Naya Rivera