Did Obama Secretly Help Joe Biden Out?

Obeezy might be pulling some strings behind the scenes!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Now, I know nobody really cares about this in Hip-Hop…or do we? Joe Biden flew forward on Super Tuesday to soar past Mike Bloomberg and others to the forefront of the presidential race. People truly are overall active in politics, but just very ignorant. I am not different and that is why I am writing this rumor.

The word on the street is that Obama may have been helping Joe Budden, I mean, Joe BIDEN out as he duked it out in the Democratic Primaries. Remember, Bernie Sanders is like “the man” and he’s leading “a revolution” they say. I don’t believe any of that nonsense about a revolution, even though I do “feel the Bern” from time to time. When we are talking about THE ONE that can beat Trump, we are talking about Joe Biden. That is what I believe. 

Now, Joe Biden is my dude, but I heard a bit of a rumor recently. You saw how Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Senator Amy Klobuchar dropped out and immediately endorsed Joe just in time for Super Tuesday. After that, Joe really moved forward. Also, after the votes were in, Bloomberg dropped out of the race and then endorsed Joe Biden. All of this works against Bernie Sanders, who has a very grassroots and “every person” approach to the race. 

I heard, and I don’t know how, that the very quiet Barack Obama has been working his magic behind the scenes to help clear a path for his man Joe!

I think Joe is going to win this thing, but beating Trump is another story! Anyway, I am hearing Obama will emerge after the party reveals who will represent the party. He will then rally all the troops! Thoughts?