Did Sony's Racism Leak Into Annie DVD?

Did Annie Snub A Young Black Actor?

The movie “Annie” was a big hit for kids of color, particularly young Black girls. Well, the movie is about to hit shelves in the DVD and Blu Ray form. I received a message from a young person that brought it to my attention that one of the popular orphans in the movie, a teen of color, was not included on the cover art of the DVD art. Eden Duncan-Smith was well-received by fans and yet she is not getting the love she seems to be deserving of! She even has a fan club! LOL! I may have to join the fan club just as a show of support! Better yet – I may bring her over to the AllHipHop family, because there aren’t enough young actors as it is! Peep the cover!


By the way, Sony Pictures co-chair Amy Pascal has resigned after the big revealing email hack.

I guess it is a bit of a hardknock life, heh?