Did T.I. Get Caught Creeping With This Well Known Escort?


The rumors of T.I. and Tiny separating just might be true as there have been rumors that Tip has been cheating on Tiny with a known “model” and former Taz’s Angel escort.

Apparently T.I. was caught with the escort in an upscale Atlanta hotel, and a hotel employee clearly ran their mouth to SandraRose. According to Sandra Rose,

The hotel employee had proof that T.I. was a registered guest at the hotel and that a female’s name was added to his room as an authorized occupant with 24/7 access.

The female added also was not Tameka “Tiny” Harris; it was Analicia Chaves aka Ana Montana. SR has listed her as a former member of the infamous Taz Angel prostitution ring in Miami.

Ana has appeared in Tip’s music videos before, so they definitely have a relationship.

The couple has been rumored to have a pretty open relationship over the years, with that said, would alleged side pieces really matter?