Did T.I.’s Restaurant Get Hit With An Eviction Notice?


Apparently T.I’s restaurant, Scales 925, is getting ready to close its doors because sheriff deputies allegedly just served an eviction notice to his downtown upscale Atlanta restaurant.

Remember, T.I. and his business partner were already being sued by employees for “stolen” wages. Tip’s landlord told WSBTV, that the rapper hasn’t paid rent in months and owes over $1 million. Consequently, Tip has left the landlord with no choice but to evict.

The venue was said to have been a nice upscale venue that was needed for the culture to fill the void left when other celebrities’ restaurants closed down. However, many customers on various ratings websites have complained about the service.

Tip has since blasted his restaurant business partner, Charles, and he has called their restaurant, Scales 925, a mistake.

These celebrities can’t keep restaurants open in Atlanta. We hate this is happening to Tip!