Did The Bloods Rob Chris Brown?

Damn, Homie!

Aw man…is there no loyalty!? Chris Brown is affiliated, but there are reports that members of the Blood street tribe may have robbed the homie! Peep the report from TMZ!

There’s a hot lead on who robbed Chris Brown of $50,000 … and our sources say they’re closing in on a few known associates of the Bloods.

Law enforcement tells TMZ, they have video of the car that fled Chris’ Tarzana house after the robbers held a gun to his aunt’s head and made off with the $50k. Some good detective work led cops to a gas station near Chris’ home, where they checked surveillance video and saw the getaway car.

Our sources say cops now have a partial license plate, which has led them to Compton and someone who may be a member of the Bloods, a group in which Chris has had ties.

Detectives are interviewing some of the locals and we’re told they’re closing in on the culprits.

Breezy formally has said he never been a Blood nor does he have ties!