Did The MTV VMAs Producers Plan To Have Mariah Carey & Jennifer Lopez Squash Their Beef On Stage?


Word on the street is that the MTV VMAs’ producers had some other tricks up their sleeve that just didn’t get a chance to come to fruition.

Rumor has it that MTV was looking to have Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez unite on stage to squash their beef. The idea was for the divas to either perform solo numbers or present together.

MTV allegedly presented several ideas to their camps, and J Lo’s camp apparently loved the idea. It was allegedly petty Queen Mariah Carey that wasn’t here for any of it.

Apparently MTV spent weeks trying to convince Mariah to participate, but nothing was good enough to convince her. With this said, MTV producers were left with no choice but to scrap the idea.

Remember J Lo has repeatedly expressed that she has no problems with Mariah. It’s our favorite petty songstress Mariah that just couldn’t do it for the culture. This would’ve been epic. BET has been successful at squashing a few musical beefs on stage i.e) Trey Songz & August Alsina and K. Michelle & Tamar Braxton.