Did Tiny Just Admit That She Caught T.I. With A “Prostitute”


The ‘Family Hustle’ seems to be shaken up a bit lately in regards to T.I. and Tiny’s relationship, issues with Tip’s restaurant and much more.

Rumors spread quickly that Tiny allegedly caught T.I. cheating with a “prostitute” who happened to be former Taz’s Angel escort Ana Montana.

Word on the street is Tiny confronted Ana when she found out Tip was allegedly creeping with her in an upscale Atlanta hotel.

T.I. and Tiny had been rather mum on the subject that is until Tiny got into it with her oldest daughter Zonnique’s step mom on Instagram. Zonnique’s step mom took offense to T.I. posting a photo of Zonnique with a caption that read “Mines!!!”

Zonnique’s step mom decided to send shots at Tiny basically saying that she was acting like T.I. did everything for her when her biological father, Zebo, was also in the picture as well. It didn’t stop there. The woman also took a shot at Tiny saying that her husband, T.I., was just caught with a prostitute, to which Tiny replied saying,

“& yeah he was with a prostitute so they say. He gotta deal with that with God I ain’t worried.”

Well it looks like Tiny just confirmed that there is trouble in paradise indeed. We hate to see this as they make a great couple, and as they just had a new baby girl! Tighten up Tip & Tiny!.