Did Travis Scott Tweet Stealthy Response To Joe Budden’s Grammys Shade?


La Flame is literally unbothered.

Travis Scott may have just responded to Joe Budden’s recent criticism of his performance with Playboi Carti at the 66th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday (February 4).

La Flame seems to be laughing at the harsh criticism Budden recently directed at him regarding his performance of “FEIN.” No, literally, it seems like he just laughed at bro directly—but still indirectly since he tweeted the remark.


In case anyone missed it, La Flame and Carti were among the group of individuals discussed during a recent episode of the Joe Budden Podcast. In his initial remarks, Budden maintained that he was a fan of the song “FEIN” but not a fan of the duo’s performance of it at the Grammys. Budden cited the source of his frustrations as was partially rooted in his over-the-top stage antics, including destroying his set design. He also called Carti out for wearing a mask.

“What the f### is Travis and his man doing up here?” Budden questioned. “Ay, you two bozos! Get the f### off the stage when n####s got beautiful women and tuxedos on, honestly. You up there smashing s###. You got the nerve.” 

In addition to Scott’s possible retort, Budden’s comments were addressed by streamers Admin Ross and Kai Cenat, who caught strays during the podcast. Between Ross challenging Budden to a race to stacking up $100 million, Cenat threatening to buy him and La Flame literally chuckling at the entire situation, I can’t decide who violated the former Slaughter Gang lyricist most severely.

Check out the full video of Scott and Carti’s performance along with the full Grammy Award below.