Did Usher & His UshBucks Get Him In Trouble With Some Vegas Gangstas?


Usher and his Bucks have a lot of people talking

This is going to be interesting. R&B singer Usher is all the rage right now, as he has been distributing his own UshBucks all over the place. Now Usher Bucks or UshBucks are basically fake money with Usher’s face on it, but there’s a little bit more to the story.

If you recall about a week ago or so, some strippers claimed that Usher try to pay them in this fake money – that happens to look really official. And people were laughing at the singer, but his PR machine moved quickly through TMZ, stating that he was simply promoting himself. Fast track to current era there are new developments already.

Basically, the OWNER of a Las Vegas nightclub is saying that the strippers from that night were in fact paid in commemorative Usher Bucks. This owner was not on the premises at the time of the party, but he disputed what the club manager previously said, stating that the club manager should have never allowed fake money to be mixed in with real money. They do acknowledge that some of the dancers were paid in real money, but small denominations, not the hundreds that the UshBucks were in. $100s!

On top of that, the club owner says that the liquor that was served and “drunken” last night should at least have been paid for and the ladies should have been tipped for all that free liquor. Apparently they paid for SOME, but it was at a discount. Why does URSH get a discount and I don’t?

LASTLY, it seems like it’s getting a bit gangsta. This is ALL and speculation but it seems like somebody wants the money to be paid to make the club “WHOLE.” And what that means is basically PUT UP or there will be issues later on down the line!

Well, there is a good ending to the story. It seems like Usher is willing to return and “make things right” with the club!

Here is what the owner said:

“I thought it was a joke when I first heard about it,” Sapphire owner Peter Feinstein said in a phone chat Monday. “I guess part of his entourage came in with a briefcase full of these ‘Ushbucks’ and they were passing them around. Now I’m getting all these calls from all these different news outlets interested in what happened.”

I can’t help but…