Did Wendy Williams Side With Future In Regards To Ciara Beef?


As you know, Ciara has filed a lawsuit against her ex, Future as she claims Future has been trying to ruin her career. Ciara claims Future continues to suggest that she’s a bad mother and she’s now seeking $15 million in damages. CiCi is claiming that her career and brand have been hurt by Future’s actions. Of course Wendy Williams had to weigh in. Wendy said,

“Future’s not the reason that your music hasn’t sold. Future is also not the reason you got your lucrative contract with McQueen.”

Does Wendy have a point? Is it true that Ciara just can’t heat up like Future anymore. Ciara is a talented performer, but let’s be honest, Future and his antics are not the reason her musical career isn’t doing all that great. Wendy tells Ciara that Future should have been a “drive by” not a “stay with” especially since she knew about his previous baby mamas! What are your thoughts? Is Ciara out of pocket with her lawsuit? This could get ugly!