Did Wiz Khalifa Leak Deelishis’ Nude Pics?

Has Wiz been a bad boy with a booty model?

I don’t even know if people know who is Deelishis is anymore. Flavor Flav put her on.

But Wiz may have turned her off.

The uber thick model and mom was out being herself, but some cowardly man decided to leak nude pictures of her. I’ll tell you. Real men, don’t do that. Its weak and it messes it up for the rest of us. Dee Lish got a big body like a Benz, but these pics are bad for biz. Peep them.

By the way, rumors say, these pictures were for Wiz…so Wiz leaked them?

The pics are below, but they ain’t safe for work, home or if you are a kid.

Here is the FIRST Deelishis pic

Here is the SECOND Deelishis pic

Here is the THIRD Deelishis pic

Here is the FOURTH Deelishis pic

Photoshop is alive and well.