Did Diddy Get Caught Cheating On Lori Harvey?

Some of the gossip blogs say they found the original Bad Boy out there.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Diddy is known to be a playboy. If he was a super hero,he would be Tony Stark. Anyway, they have seen him allegedly cavorting with a woman that is not his young bae, Lori Harvey. Does Diddy actually cheat? He’s close to billionaire status and has allegedly done just about everything under the sun if the rumors are even remotely correct! There is no way this young chickadee is ready for all that experience! That leads us to the current rumors.

It seems like The Shade Room and some others have pieced together this puzzle. Check it out. 


Now, what does this all mean? I don’t know! You know I don’t care about this rumor to be honest. What am I supposed to write about though? YK Osiris beefing with that other dude Jacquees over who is the King of R&B? I think not! Back to the boss. So, here is the thing. First of all, they are saying that Lori Harvey, aka Steve Harvey’s daughter is the ex-jawn of his son Justin. AND they are saying this women is TOO! Now, I’m going on record saying I don’t believe it! However, this is what they are saying in the video! They have what you call “receipts.” 

All I can think that that this is some weird father/son thing on the billionaire scale…passing jawns around? I can’t call it and am absolutely not saying that’s what it is. I just know I only played basketball and football with my dad. He and my mom stayed together and that was that. He ever ever ever ever looked at anybody I ever dated. So that’s that! 

What do you think?

Anyway, shout out to Diddy for all that he’s given to the culture and showing boring people like me how to live. 

Meanwhile, Cassie is out here about to drop a baby and married. Good for her! That’s living too!

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