Diddy’s Former Security Guard Shares Why Biggie Kept It A Secret That He Was Writing For Lil Kim


(AllHipHop Rumors) Grab a chair, Diddy’s former bodyguard, Gene Deal, is back at it again with some ’90s Bad Boy stories.

Gene says he told Diddy one time that Biggie was the one who was writing Lil Kim’s lyrics after Biggie tried to suggest that Gene knocked off some guy down in North Carolina, in a tell-all conversation.

Deal said Biggie tried to deny and downplay that he was writing Kim’s lyrics. Gene said he didn’t understand why Big was trying to deny it at first.

According to Gene, he says that eventually Biggie was like,

“Yeah Diddy, aight Diddy, whatever Diddy.”

Puff supposedly kept asking BIG who had been writing for Kim. Deal says that he later learned from reading Biggie’s contract that Diddy owned parts of Biggie’s marketing, and parts of his publishing. So he says at that time if he owned Biggie’s publishing he was getting a piece of whatever Biggie wrote, and this is why Biggie was trying to keep it a secret.

Deal said BIG never confirmed in that moment if he ghostwrote for Kim other than a “yeah, and okay.”

Deal says he’s also still trying to put out his murder rap documentaries as well. Are you surprised by Deal’s claims? This man has been telling everything lately. Do you believe all of his claims? Folks are honestly surprised that Deal hasn’t been harmed in anyway lately. Do you think he’d be quiet if Puff cut him a fat check?