Is DJ Akademiks A Woman Beater? Star Lets Loose!

DJ Akademiks Is Accused Of Being A Domestic Abuser By An Ol’ Pal….

(AllHipHop Rumors) There are people on the staff that really like this guy. I am not one of them. There is no real animosity other than “What are you doing, bro? Really?” In the past few weeks, people like Meek Mill have called AK out and others like Tekashi 69 have given him a hug. Fans and followers have just watched the whole thing unfold. What’s unfolding?

Right now, Star – the shock jock we know and love – has put out a hit of sorts on DJ AK. Remember, when Joe Budden left the “Everyday Struggle” with AK, Star replaced him. It was sort lived.  Well, there is clearly no love lost, because in the first 5 minutes of the vid below, the former Hot 97 personality revealed that AK is a former woman beater. 

What do you think? 

The truth is, the more we talk about these people the bigger they get. Nobody talks about me so you can really tell the correlation! The other thing that is clear, AK’s bosses at Complex have “suspended” him for calling Chrissy Teigen a the dreaded b-word! Ol Boy was even suspended from Twitch! We are not free! LOL!