DJ Drama Accused Of Biting And Hitting His Girlfriend!

DJ Drama is known to the world as one of the finest DJ’s, but does he have a kinky side?

(AllHipHop Rumors) Let me tell you about these blogs! I caught wind of this lil’ DJ Drama situation, but by the time I got to baby girls IG stories, it was deleted. Not The Shade Room! Those MFer must have The Premier Intern Force On EARTH! They not only saw it, but they got the vid. I admit, I didn’t look that hard! It is just me over here! However, if you wanna intern, hit us at ANYWAY, I saw it and was shocked at what I saw. 

Now this chick, he calls his “jawn” (Philly speak) is named Debakii and she’s “fine,” which means she fits the bill of an IG chick. She posted some abusive stuff, including bite marks, welts and other markings that suggest strongly that she is telling the truth. She also seemed to suggest that this isn’t the first and WON’T BE THE LAST TIME he does it! Her words!

On the flip, it seems like she is also saying she’s staying with him as well. So, we don’t know for sure, especially because she deleted the visuals of her bite and red markings too. 

BUT…her words, “This guy is a f#cking woman beater.” She claims that he bit her so hard that his teeth went all the way through her hand. All of this alleged madness happened when they were on vacation in Turks and Caicos over the weekend! WOW! I have never seen DJ Drama in this light. I always saw him as the mixtape dude that went to jail so DatPiff could fly. 

Maybe this is a bit misunderstanding…but maybe not.  DRAMA is his name and this is real DRAMA!

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