DJ Vlad Goes Off On Nicki Minaj, But Is He Right Or Wrong?

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj and DJ Vlad are not at odds, but is the popular blogger on point or out of line?

DJ Vlad is known for a lot of things, but is he now the voice of reason? In the world of social media, you do not see too many people talking badly about a celebrity as big-time as Nicki Minaj. But that is precisely what Vlad did. Here is the context. Nicki’s spouse, Kenneth “Zoo” Petty, threatened Offset. And that resulted in a lengthy stay on house arrest. It did not stop there, but I will pause and let you see what Vlad said about the situation. We’ll resume after that.

Nicki Mina’s husband is on house arrest for threatening Offset. Right after that, she previews a song on IG saying she got killers who will pull up and do what she say. This was the same Nicki who threatened to send her husband to Akademiks’ house for his comments about her. This is the same Nicki who told Meek Mill to have his crew beat up Quentin Miller, which then happened. Have you ever heard a woman scream, “my man will f### you up!” over something she started herself? That’s Nicki. If you want to see how these stories end, check out my interview with Travis Rudolph. After an argument with his girlfriend, she sent her brother and 3 other guys to shoot up his house. One of them ended up dead, another one got shot. Travis was charged with murder – which he luckily beat in trial due to self-defense. To all the men out there, I don’t care how fat her ass is or how good the sex is. Avoid women like Nicki
who use men as crash dummies like the plague.I said what I said.

DJ Vlad

He has Nicki sounding like a maniacal criminal mastermind! What do you think? Well, there is more.

Nicki released a new rap song that seems to be in full support of her man AND even APPEARS to double down on doing whatever she needed to “get down” in these streets. Is she just rapping or incriminating herself? The comments on various social platforms suggest she is. By the way, those comments also talk back to DJ Vlad, saying he is in no position to be critical of her. This is all chaotic!

By the way, here is that rap:

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