DL Hughley And Mo’Nique Pull Receipts!

D.L. Hughley Mo'Nique

Somebody said that Mo’Nique is trippin’ big time. Meanwhile DL Hughley and his adversary square off in a Mexican standoff of receipts!


Darryl Lynn Hughley.

The situation with DL Hughley and Mo’Nique is tragic. Here we have two veteran comedians and entertainers that have transcended the highest highs of comedy. And yet, we see them fighting like to average roosters in a farm.

But that’s from afar. Remember the old adage, “be careful about arguing with fools because people from a distance can’t tell who is who. “Now this is not to levy the word fool at either one of these geniuses, however as the smoke begins to clear, the truth is becoming more and more apparent.

First of all, DL Hughley presented his ultimate receipt. And that receipt basically is the contract that was in dispute. However, we knew that wasn’t going to last for long. It seem like DL gave her an out, but she didn’t take it. He showed ticket receipts and other things to show that he was the actual headliner.

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She asked for it and she got it. DL Hughley presented the actual contract with certain financial data blacked out. It showed that he was indeed the headliner. It showed very clearly the run of show and other matters that simply stated that he was the one that would perform last.

But, wait a sec! Mo’ had her own deal and contract as well and dismissed his as “smoke and mirrors.” She also called his version a “deal memo.”

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I cannot say who, but I will say that a person close to Mo’ in a business sense, has said that they will never work with her ever again. This is simply where things may be again. This is not to suggest that Mo’Nique’s rise will be stunted, but it does seem to suggest that there’s a tremendous amount of difficulty when working with her. Is this a male and female thing? I am not so sure that it is. She has evoked that especially with DL Hughley, but I don’t know.

The person who is our source, happens to be a woman. And she just found it extremely difficult to work with the comedian. I do think that Mo’Nique has had some completely valid grievances with the industry, but it may be how she takes on these battles that is the real deeper issue.

Now, we are seeing that Mo’Nique may be her own worst enemy. MAY. We like her. And we have been rooting for her for a very long time. We want her to win! When she got on BMF, I was ecstatic personally. I was like “Yes, this is what we have all been waiting for. Mo’Nique’s come back!“ That come back may be in jeopardy with this last dust up.

That said, I wish everybody all the best and I hope that Mo’Nique and DL Hughley can become cool again. Somehow, I don’t see that happening because of what was said on stage in front of the entire world.

And yet, Buffalo.