The Real Reason DMX Went Into Rehab!

Now, it all makes sense, why DMX went into the bing.

(AllHipHop Rumors) When DMX went back to rehab, I was happy. But Now, I am happier. See, it seemed like the dog of rap was simply falling off the wagon. As you know, X has had a problem with drugs and liquor for quite some time. He was smoking crack at 14. (By the way, that was weed laced with the coke, seemingly unbeknownst to DMX. 

As you know, DMX got out of prison earlier this year. He has been doing very well thus far and people have been happy seeing him thrive. However, on the low I have been having hearing a lot of rumors about how everything is not perfect. On some occasions, folks I know have said DMX seemed to be drunken in their presence and overall just didn’t seem to be well.  Well, this was not good, but I didn’t “report” on it, because I didn’t want to put such bad energy into the universe. And here we are: THIS IS THE “GOOD” NEWS.

DMX put himself in rehab to get in front of real issues with drugs. According to reports, he has had some serious family issues and the pressures of that and performing were pushing him to drugs again. Well, instead of doing that, he opted to get “in front of it.” He also did it for his family, which makes him a good dude.

There are also the legal ramifications of drug use. He cannot get busted for anything of that nature or he is likely to go back to jail. DMX is almost 49 years old! He’s gotta be tired of prison, even if the last time was for taxes! 

Get better, DMX! We are still here with you!