Did DMX Get A Bad Rap Over The Weekend?


(AllHipHop Rumors) You might have heard DMX didn’t fare so well over the weekend at a Ruff Ryders reunion in Brooklyn.

Now, I read the reports and I thought….”Hmmmm…something ain’t right.” BUT, it was not until I got intel that I began to realize the depths of the lies in the media! And social media! First of all, they said DMX “ranted.” DMX doesn’t rant. He preaches sermons from the stage. Anybody that’s a fan knows this by now. But what happens is social media “reporters” get on the “job” and start opinionating on stuff they don’t know…and its a rant. They had the nerve to compare him to Kanye West’s rambles!! What an insult! DMX was speaking the word of God!

It is my understanding that DMX did indeed have some difficulty at the start of his set at the Barclays. I was told he seemed nervous by somebody that was there. Now, I wasn’t so sure that he was nervous since X has rocked just about every stage imaginable. So that was shaky, but then I saw how sites misquoted DMX to the point where it didn’t make sense. For example, XXL reported X as saying: “Respect me to be a role model.” X didn’t say that. I have the video! That doesn’t even make sense. He said, “Don’t expect me to be your role model” We all know DMX has some issues, and HE IS NOT A ROLE MODEL! But since there was no real issue it seems like the media drilled down on the negative to the point where we don’t even know if the show was hot.

Here is the whole concert.

I heard the show was incredible. Here is a “rant” for you.

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Stop hating on DMX! Let him live.

Check him out talking to Quadir Lateef, the new RR signee.

He still has jewels.