DMX Movie? Who Can Play Earl Simmons?


DMX is one of the true goats and now we are hearing a feature film about his life and times is on the way.

Word on the street is DMX is going to have a full feature movie on the way. That’s right, true believers. It looks like the dog is going to have a full movie about his life and times. As you know, this comes when we are all feeling profound sadness with the recent HBO documentary about DMX in his last year, “DMX: Don’t Try to Understand.” It was a good look into the life of one of the realest dudes ever. So, just when you thought we knew it all, this rumor hits.

This should come as no shocker and we have discussed it in the past. If you recall, we did an interview with Smokey D. Fontaine, the author of DMX’s book E.A.R.L., and the movie was mentioned. Also, the sources we have say that the movie will be rooted in this book. The book is a real page turner and it is now in reprint so if you want it, you can get it. But, the book travels through the first half or so of Earl Simmons’s life and times, basically stops in the early 2000s. As we all know, so much more happened after that. But my sources tell me this is the basis for the book, the early life up til the massive success.

I hope they don’t try to do what they did in the Tupac movie, which was cover too much ground. I think the movie “Ray” did an amazing job of laying down the blueprint with the early life, but also covered his adult life extensively. They need to get the right director and the the write writing team and this will be dope. Of course, we MUST ask: “Who Could Play DMX?” That part is hard. Like so many other people we know well…we KNOW DMX! We would want him to play himself.

DAMN! Remember when Flex tried to do MJ?

Shorty✨ on Twitter: "@Maybach_Mousey It's Giving Me Very Much Flex  Washington Playing Michael Jackson Vibes ." /  Twitter
We have never forgotten this!

We must remember that DMX’s family is now heading up his estate and I know they have his best interests at heart. Tashera Simmons (his ex wife and immortal ride or die queen), sons Xavier Simmons & Sean Simmons and Tacoma Simmons are the co-administrators of the estate of Earl “DMX” Simmons. They will make this thing rock.

Anyway, check out our interview with Smokey and get to know DMX a bit more thank you did. This was a serious book!

By the way, our own Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur had a few words to say about the new DMX doc. Super sad,

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