Is DMX Sending Shots At Rick Ross On Their Joint Song?

Somebody calls Swizz Beatz! The streets are saying that DMX is taking heavy shots at Rick Ross!

(AllHipHop Rumors) When I heard that song, all I said was “DMX is back!” And I felt good about that. I gently said, “Ross was Ross – solid bars.” I went on with my business. And then people started hitting me up and telling me was going on – PER THE STREETS. 

So, let’s take it back a bit. We know that DMX has been to jail almost every year he has been in the music game and even more that we don’t know about. He is the streets and he’s also the dude that we know is heavy in the prison! His first rap beef started in jail! So, he is really BOUT THAT LIFE! 

Rick Ross has a book out called Hurricanes and I cannot wait to read it. But, for the sake of diplomacy, we say that he and DMX have very different lifestyles s they ross to fame!

Now, listen to this song!

The song is from the new series “The Godfather of Harlem,” which is a dope show coming from Markuann Smith. Speaking of Markuanna, check him out right here!

Anyway, now that you have heard the song, do you think DMX is dissing Rick Ross? I would certainly hope not! DMX is on the rise AGAIN and has not gotten into any trouble since he’s gotten out of the bing! The very last think we need is for him to burn any bridges now! On the other hand, maybe this is just what the dog needs! A good ol fashioned rap beef! I don’t see Rozay entertaining any sort of drama with anybody, much less DMX. 

It should be stated that a lot of people feel this is total BS! And it might be! I guess we’ll find out later…or we won’t! I don’t think this will manifest as nothing. X sure sounds extra mad though!