Does Donald Trump Already Have His Master Plan Past The Presidency?


So it looks like Donald Trump is the going to lose, giving Hillary the pathway to the president. But, don’t sleep until its over. All the evidence in this race to the presidency pretty much shows that Trump does not really want to be POTUS. However, there are some that are suggesting that Trump really has his eyes set on something else.

The word on the street is that Trump really wants to start a Right Wing media conglomerate that rivals Fox News. Trump has tapped deep into the hateful recesses of the country and made it popular to be a bigot.

The other thing is that Trump claims that the media is biased against him, which they are. How can they not? His views are insane! But it is the media that has gotten him in a tizzy more than Hillary Clinton! Now, the rumor is Trump isn’t even trying to be the dude that runs the Nation. He wants to be the dude that PROGRAMS minds in his warped vision. He wants to create a Right Wing Media Machine that will dwarf Fox News. My sources tell me that he intends to do this starting now. Now Trump brings in Stephen Bannon of Breitbart, a Right Wing rag site into his cypher. Sean Hannity is now a Trump advisor. And he also has tapped disgraced Roger Ailes, the former Fox News chairman, as an advisor and that dude was given the boot over charges of sexual harassment. He’s building this team to step out into another money-making venture.


I’m out like Drumpf.

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