Does Erica Mena Want a Prenup Because She Doesn’t Trust Safaree?

Erica Mena wants to protect her brand just in case Safaree comes with that bullsh*t later like he did in the past with his ex.

Sometimes the past does really come and bite you in the a##. 

Last night, Love & Hip-Hop: New York returned with some of everyone’s past fan favorites, including Erica Mena and her husband, Safaree.

Erica and Safaree’s storyline seems like it will center around them preparing for their new baby, their wedding, Erica’s concern for their future, and her wanting a prenup.

Supposedly Safaree proposed to Erica and Love & Hip-Hop: Miami star and ex-girlfriend Gabrielle Davis with the same ring. Earlier this year, Davis posted screenshots of a conversation between the two stating he was not marrying Mena and still loved her (Davis). Ouch.

Erica and Gabrielle exchanged a few subs on Twitter, but of course Erica stayed with her man and continued with the wedding. 

Monday night, Gabrielle shared an interesting sub on her Instagram story. She posted, “You Can’t Turn A Hoe Into A Husband.” Hmmm, I’m guessing she’s still feeling a type of way about the situation.

I’m assuming as closer as the wedding got, Erica got nervous and wanted to protect her brand. On Monday’s season premiere, Erica and Safaree met up with her lawyer to discuss a possible prenup, unbeknownst to Safaree. 

The Jamaican rapper insisted he and his future wife further discuss this privately and expressed how he wants his legal team involved as well. I mean, I guess that’s reasonable, right?

But we have to keep in mind this episode was probably filmed around the same time the allegations were brewing so we can only assume for the time being.

What y’all think? Do you think Erica is smart for asking for a prenup?