Does Ice Spice Have A Sex Tape?

Ice Spice

Ice Spice may be taking her newfound celebrity to new heights?

Ice Spice is the new hot chick in New York that has everybody talking. So, most recently she was “flewed” out to see Drake. It seemed like the 6-God was going to sign her, but suddenly he unfollowed her on social media. Nobody knows what happened. It just seemed like there was so much hope there. Anyway, her prices are still way up there, no matter what. By the way, I am definitely a much.

Seriously, she has a lot of haters. And, the truth is, I do not know why! She is pretty, raps standard stuff and is pretty. I don’t see what makes her so different other than she came out of nowhere! Well, in these days and times, just about anything can happen.

It seems like her short past in the game has resulted in some controversy. She allegedly has a sex tape already. The truth is there’s something out there, but it is such poor quality that I cannot tell. First of all, it is oral sex, not intercourse. Secondly, they have covered up most of the video and shown mostly the hair. As you know, she has that ginger-type of hair. Seeing the image is not confirmation to me. It is also not a flat-out refutal either.

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I cannot post any parts of the sex tape, because I do not want to cross any lines. Nevertheless, it is not much to see. You seen one, you seen them all. Some people have suggested it is Drake, but I do not believe that to be the case. That would mean Drake likely leaked it.