Does Jay Z Have A MAJOR Boxing Beef?

Jay Z May Have A New Fight On His Hands!

Some have argued that 50 Cent was kept at bay early on, because he stepped on some big toes in the boxing world when he came in the game. I am not of that world, but I have been told that profession boxing is crazy crooked, mobbed out and all sorts of corrupt. To get in, you have to come in with force and might…unquestioned.

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I don’t really know all the details but Jay Z has had some issues getting some of the names he wanted, like Adrien Broner. But, he did get hot commodity Andre Ward. First of all, Jigga isn’t working with Al Haymon, who is the unseen king of boxing promotions. The issue is, I think is, Beyonce once sued Al Haymon and her own dad back in the day – like 2011. They were accused of trying to defraud Bey. But the other side of life, Al Haymon has a super close relationship to Live Nation and so does Jay. I am not sure what’s what here, but I know Haymon reps MAD boxers, including Adrien Broner. I think Broner may have been speaking for Al Haymon when he said “f**k Jay Z” and something extra foul about Rihanna. Could Al be p##### because Jay started to wave his money around at serval of his fighters?

Al Haymon is the shadowy man…there are only a few pictures of him!

And to think 50 Cent did this a while ago to considerably less fanfare and hype. He also has had his challenges with breaking the glass boxing ceiling.