Does Meek Mill Have Another Baby On The Way?

Rumors are talking again and they are saying that Meek may have another kid from another woman coming.

(AllHipHop Rumors) The man! Meek! We need some new music from our beloved Philly brother. No more beef with bloggers or anything like that. Until that happens, there are the rumors. 

According to a report by Bossip, Meek Mill is expecting another child from another woman. As you all know, he was just celebrating the birth of a baby with then-girlfriend Milan Harris. These folks are already broken up!

Now, we are hearing that Meek is the father of another woman not named Milan. This means Meek Mill was stepping out on his lady all that time. He put a pair of buns in the oven! The rumors say, that Meek had to strategically break up with Milan in order for this new revelation not to look crazy! I am not sure if that is going to work but that is what they are saying.

Meek really made it clear that whoever this new person is he is head over heels in love with, it seems. Honestly, I don’t care about any of this! And it just sounds ridiculous!

One thing is for sure I want to get an arrest in the cops that killed Breonna Taylor! Let’s get that done before we continue on with this foolishness.

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