Does Metro Boomin Disagree With Timbaland’s “No More Producers” Comment?


Photo via Metro Boomin’s Instagram

Timbaland recently stated that producers don’t exist anymore, and it just seems like people are just beat makers. Metro Boomin seems to have felt some kind of way about it. How he felt we aren’t completely sure. Maybe he is just analyzing the statement. Maybe he disagrees with Timbo, and truly considers himself to be a producer. Nowadays, the beat patterns and drum selections all seem to be the same. It’s like 20 records that sound the same at all times. It seems like no producers go left anymore when others are all going right. Timbaland stated,

“We don’t have producers anymore. We have great programmers. Beats are not made how we used to make them anymore. I think they come as a package now. Beat making has changed. They don’t even know how to make their own snares.”

Timb also said,

“I feel like Metro Boomin will change eventually.”

Well there certainly is a difference in being a beat maker and a producer. Which would you consider Metro Boomin to be? Does Timbaland have a point about there no longer being any producers?

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