Donald Trump Rep Claims Hip Hop Purports Rape Culture


The 2005 conversation between Donald Trump and Billy Bush won’t die down anytime soon. People have been able to dig up all kinds of disturbing dirt on the Republican presidential nominee but, his supporters continue to make excuses for him, and they refuse to be outraged.

Not only do Trump supporters make all of the excuses in the world, they love to pin the blame on others or divert attention to other’s controversy to take the heat off of Trump.

One Trump surrogate made a fool of herself by trying to say Hillary Clinton supporting Beyonce and her “Formation” lyrics was the same as Trumps disturbing comments towards women.

Next, the national spokesperson for the Trump campaign, Katrina Pierson, tried to excuse Trump’s offensive comments and blame it all on Hip Hop music.

“This rape culture is purported by none other than the entertainment industry, none other than Hip Hop music, which you can hear on local radio stations,” she said.

Trump has since dismissed his distasteful comments as “locker room talk,” however political commentator Angela Rye, pointed out other examples of Trump stating the same feelings towards women as well as the lawsuits and accusations of sexual harassment and discrimination against him.

Nice try Pierson. Even though music lyrics across all genres are tough to accept at times, these music artists also aren’t running for President of the United States.

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36 thoughts on “Donald Trump Rep Claims Hip Hop Purports Rape Culture”

      1. Hearing something and supporting something is two different things. The question here is about a Presidential candidate who supports sexual assault, and the people who choose to support him despite that knowledge. That’s the difference. Who said what in a song is an irrelevant diversion. None of these rappers you mentioned are running for office.

      2. Im voting Hilary bro, so I dont know who youre arguing with here. Youre saying “condone” and “support” when alls I said is we’ve all heard songs with rape content in it. I also said Trump’s comments (or his advisors/whoevers) were stupid. So whats the beef bruh?

      3. You said “lets not pretend like we all havnt heard plenty of rap songs with some rape content” as if to suggest that what a rapper says in a song is equivalent to what Drumpf, a Presidential candidate, got caught saying on tape. I don’t support Drumpf or Clinton either BTW.

      4. Me neither. Id rather not vote, but Trump cant get in office man. Thats bad news.

        Also, i dont think rappers rap about rape like they are REALLY down with it. Im just sayin we cant pretend like we all havnt heard some of our favorite rappers flippantly talk about it from time to time. Usually in storytelling or shock value fashion. Aint my preference anymore, but I’d be lying if I said I didnt bump Mobb Deep, Biggie, and Pac spittin some vile stuff back in the day.

      5. Drump, Hitlery…Either, or, it’s whatever. They’re both out for self.
        Comparing rap lyrics to a politician’s REAL conversation is like apples and oranges, especially taken out of the context of storytelling. The fact the Drumpf camp even brought up rap as a defense for his behavior is desperate and pathetic.

      6. “Drump, Hitlery…Either, or, it’s whatever. They’re both out for self.”
        But most presidents are. I think Obama is probably the nicest guy you are going to get.
        But one of candidates is getting in that Office, so no point in trying to stick your head in the sand about it. It’s called choosing your poison. Your probably going to die from it, but it’s a matter of process, time, and if it can be cured in the future. If so, how difficult will the cure be and will it hurt? For that, I choose Hilary. Hopefully, Bill will be her conscience. Trump on the other hand….there’s no hope for that guy. This election is an embarrassment for the US on an international level.

      7. Obama’s “niceness” has gotten us nowhere, and has proven inconsequential 8 years later. Racist conduct spiked during his presidency, and he failed to respond accordingly. Now, he has the audacity (pun intended) to chide Black folks into “upholding his legacy” by supporting Hitlery. WHAT LEGACY???
        Americans have been brainwashed into abiding a two-party system, thus the idea of “choosing your poison.” There’s always a third option, which is to reject the first two. The POTUS elections are fixed, and this is theater playing out to keep you thinking your vote makes a difference, and to afford the winner a social mandate. And contrary to common belief, Black folks as a whole have less to lose than middle-class whites; this is mainly THEIR election. Black folks are already living in a hellish environment with no recourse to injustice. So, neither nominee is going to improve our conditions. Yes, America should be embarrassed, because all of its flaws and hypocrisy have surfaced for global display in this election. Black folks need to stop feeling pressured to support the lesser of two evils, and start making the politicians EARN every vote they ask for. Doing the dougie and showing up to Black churches clapping along and singing every four years is insufficient, and Black folks look weak AH falling for the okedoke every time, and not demanding more. Politicians are here to SERVE the public, not the reverse.

      8. Only song I can recall is when that fat fvck Rick Ross talked about slipping a roofie in UOENO. I’m sure Eminem has said some out of pocket shyt too, for shock value.

      9. Eminem is an idiot. Dude can put some words together in a creative manner, but he dont say nothin worth nothin, for the most part.

  1. I'm the top, Vlad's the bottom

    two things id like to see..trump jump off a bridge and the video of that russian 43 year old dj getting his ears stomped together courtesy of rick ross

  2. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. rick ross, meek mill, lil wayne, action bronson, rich homie quan, tyga, gucci mane, dmx, eminem, just to name a few. She did a “but what about”, but still…

  3. he’s using the kobe “well shaq did it too” snitch defense. the c the god “why don’t you press trick daddy and rick ross why you picking on me” coward defense. its his mess, his words and he gotta man up about it. stop with the other people did it too defense, he’s going for the biggest job in the world of course what he said is a big deal imagine if an obama tape came out saying this when he was running against mccain

  4. she’s way off base, but I do get the point she’s trying to make… Why do we listen to what we listen to, watch what we watch, promote what we promote, then when a video comes up from 11 years ago, we play offended… I was more offended by Bruce Jenner pretending to be a women and getting national coverage… Also, his statements weren’t regarding assault, he stated what women (those type) let him do, not what he forces on them…

      1. The Democrats have never claimed to those titles.
        And secondly, I don’t support the democrats nor any Bill.
        3rd, if the biggest defense for Drumpf is pointing the finger at somebody else, just how pathetic IS he? lmao.

      2. Not sure why you’re bringing up Hillary or Bill…I don’t support either.
        But I guess there is no defense for Drumpf, so all you have left is deflection.

  5. This election cycle is a total circus, pure theater. Most of these politicos are hypocritical opportunists: Democrat, Republican, white, Black, whoever. Drumpf has proven time and again that he’s a self-serving POS undeserving to live on Earth, let alone run for public office IMO. He’s the obvious chief clown in the circus. The people who support him are mostly blatant white supremacists desperate to hold on to the remaining threads of white supremacy. It’s inevitable that the white population will continue to shrink in the coming decades and there’s a desperate desire for them to turn the clock back in Amerikkkan history; this is why they’re gunning Black folks down left and right: inherent FEAR response. They can’t accept a society/world which is multi-ethnic, diverse, and diminishes their inherentt racial privilege. Ironically, most of the shyt they complain about are direct results of the actions by the WHITE MALE-run corporatocracy, yet they take comfort in blaming everyone who doesn’t look like them.
    On the flip side, you have these shysty Democrats who pimp the working and underclasses to surreptitiously support their agenda, which ultimately maintains social slavery and the WS corporatocracy. They smile in your face, lie and feign empathy and humanitarianism to win over minority vote. So essentially, the People are being played on both sides. The Bushes and Clintons, Drumps, and Obamas, sadly, run in the same circles of power. The Clintons played golf with Donald socialize privately–now we’re supposed to believe they’re bitter enemies? FOH
    Then your precious Obamas are looking more disgraceful each day, as they show their true colors. Michelle Obama deserves a fvcking Emmy for that NH speech that everyone is raving about. From her shaky voice, to her emotional words rallying against Drumpf for his “sexual predatory behavior,” she worked the shyt out of that crowd in the name of “decency.” Her performance would’ve made Meryl Streep give a standing O. SMH Yeah, her WORDS rang true, but it was all to serve Hitlery at the end of the day. Pure theater. I didn’t hear either one of these boot-licking Obamas give a tearful speech about all the Black folks getting snuffed by police. They hobnob with Jigger and twerking Beyoncé to curry favor from the youth–that’s not politically correct, that’s opportunistic d!ckriding. LOL Thankfully, more and more people are finally waking up to the hypocrisy of American politricks and are fed up…which is exactly why this is going to be one of the weakest U.S. voter turnouts in Presidential history. It’s a con game, and YOU, the voter, are the mark! DONE.

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