Dr. Miami Trolls Nicki Minaj, Is Meek Mill Planning To Ruin Her Life?


(AllHipHop Rumors) Uh oh! It looks like Meek Mill is still being petty!

As far as public opinion goes, most have been giving their feelings of disapproval about how Meek Mill has been responding to Nicki Minaj getting ethered by Remy Ma’s “ShETHER” diss (see The Game’s response).

For a man to be thoroughly entertained about a woman/their exe’s downfall and allegedly gossiping to another female rapper seems like a feminine trait, but I digress.

Anyway word on the street is that Meek Mill is allegedly being egged on heavy by his crew to ruin Nicki’s life. Word on the curb is that he may even try to shop around a sex tape or leak some naked pictures of her. I honestly don’t think this will do much damage because Nicki is always naked.

If at all true, it does make Meek childish AF though. See women you can’t date down, or date the immature because when you break up, all hell breaks loose and the person knows everything about you.

Meek wasn’t the only person getting a laugh off of Nicki’s recent drama. Celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Miami also joined in to poke fun.

In 2015 someone told Nicki that Dr. Miami had a photo of her on his Snap Chat seemingly insinuating that Nicki Minaj had had work done to her body, and that it possibly had been done by Dr. Miami.

Nick took to Twitter to ask Miami if he posted a photo of her on his Snap. She also asked him what he was insinuating as she’s unfamiliar with what he does.

Well since Remy Ma claims that Meek Mill told her that Nicki’s azz dropped and he couldn’t have sex with her for 3 months because of it, Dr. Miami decided to troll Nicki saying that unfortunately he couldn’t help her today because he’s booked til 2019.

Let’s not forget that Meek liked a meme and caption of a fan saying “ass dropped” under a photoshopped photo of Nicki Minaj and Future from their video shoot.