Drake And Amber Rose?

What Will Wiz Say?

What A Time To Be A Lie….

I don’t believe this one, but people are talking about this dude Drake dating Amber Rose. FOH! They appeared at the same party and were standing near each other and suddenly people are saying “they make a cute couple.

But I digress. Another site says the following:

“They were on a very private dinner [Friday] night in the wine room at Prime 112, behind curtains”. – Page Six

And then:

“Drake and Amber Rose had a big entourage with them, but they were standing together as they went up in the elevator. They ate dinner with a few other people, but they were sitting next to each other and he had his arm around her! She was in a t########## outfit and he was wearing a red shirt. They definitely seemed more than friends.” – US Weekly

Here is the Drake turn up. Amber posted the following.


I imagine Wiz is like this: