Did Drake Just Preview A Song With Griselda?

That union of the North is coming along nicely with Drake at the helm.

(AllHipHop Rumors) It looks like the internets have done it again! They found some vocals from the man himself – DRIZZY! Drake was a bit late to get down with the Griselda Records Team that happens to add or give street cred to anything that they touch. Now, we all know Drake has no street cred like me. 

But, we ain’t talking about street cred right now – we are talking about Hip-Hop. Hip-Hop is where good music matters and Drake is one of the dudes at the forefront in this era. I wish Kendrick worked as hard as Drake, but that’s another story completely. On the flips side, those Grizzy dudes bring the heat in every form and fashion with the exception of commercially popular stuff. Apparently, they are still very wealthy, but they have not really mainstreamed despite being on big ass Time Square billboards and late-night TV shows. So this is mutually beneficial. 

And I happen to believe the song will be dope! What do you think -the preview is below?