Kanye West Wants All The Smoke With J. Cole And Drake!

Is Yeezy Yeezus planning to go to war with his enemies.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Kanye West has been traversing the universe, talking about Jesus and Christianity. He is not a preacher, but he does have a flock. Oh, what I wouldn’t do to have this much influence! Anyway, the MAGA Man does have a bit of that Trump in him, even as he plays in churches. 

On the Hip-Hop side of things, there is a side of Kanye West that exists as wekk and therein lies where we are. Kanye West is reportedly about to diss Drake and J. Cole in a song in a forthcoming album. I am all for it, but it seems to be contradictory to his current incarnation. Is it? I don’t know. 

This is the latest: Kanye West wants all the smoke! Do you hear that Drake? Cole World?

Bars for J. Cole:

“Yeah, Ye’s cold, but that Trump hat forced me to feel like I like J Cole.”

Ye brought Drake’s son in the mix:

“My whole city turned they back on me, they thought I told Pusha about Drake’s son. . .G####### I don’t care about his son.”

WOW! As you know, these things don’t leak like the olden days. The labels play wack-a-mole with bootleg music. So, I am gonna look around for it, but it has been scrubbed from the internet quite a bit. 

Drake & J Cole have not commented on the man yet, but I would expect that to happen around the time they drop new albums. J. Cole has one coming, but he’s such a nice dude, I can’t see him going at Kanye. Same with Drake. 

Last year, Kanye actually apologized to Drake over something seemingly unrelated. The song “Lift Yourself” was supposedly for Drake (or Drake wanted it) and then Kanye used it for himself (he also produced it). I am not clear on the rest. 

I am thinking some of this won’t see the light of day again because this is essentially a declaration of war! I know Pusha is ready for beef with anybody, but I hope a real situation does not break out.