Drake Gives Bow Wow Some BIG Flowers!


Drake oozes over Bow Wow: “Without you there is no me.”

Drake is at the top of the pile right now. There’s no questioning the man’s dominance in the music space. And what do people at the top of their game do? They show love. But before I get into that, let’s just talk about what Drake has done. Recently the rapper confirmed through Billboard magazine that he had done some thing no one has done he had a “1, 2, 3.” What is that? “1,2,3” is representative of his new accomplishment of having three songs from his new EP at the top of the charts. And so to celebrate, he had a party.

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I am not privy to the party and all of the festivities that happened, but those that were able to post, which I wasn’t, we’re celebrating drakes newest accomplishment. Apparently there is a party that a lot of people were invited to and they did it up. One of those people apparently was Bow Wow. That’s right bow Wow a.k.a. Shad moss. Drake gave him so much love that it may resuscitate his career as a rapper.

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In a slightly weird Instagram video, Drake says that without Bao well there is no him. I am not exactly sure in what way he meant, but I thought it was pretty cool did he gave him that much love. The truth is, Dre comes from Canada and was an actor. Bow Wow may not be much of a Canadian but he was a rapper and actor. He showed a lot of people how to get famous and successful as a young person. These guys are the same age but I can only imagine that Drake saw something in Bow Wow that lived within himself. So we showed him love! Look at this.

By the way I never fully understood Drake fascination with do rags, even though he clearly has the texture to create the waviness that everyone like me longs for.

I can’t wait to see these pictures from the party.