Are Drake & J. Lo Taking A Break?


(AllHipHop Rumors) Welp! That didn’t last too long.

Rumor has it that the 6 God and Jenny From The Block have called it quits…. well kinda.

The publicity stunt of a couple are said to have taken a break from each other, and you know what celebrity breaks mean: they are single for the time period.

According to TheJasmineBrand, an insider has revealed that they have taken some time apart. Allegedly the separation isn’t because they don’t want to be with each other, but instead it’s because of their hectic schedules.

Although Drake has certainly had J. Lo on his hit list for sometime, I think he is just honestly happy to have been linked to the woman whether or not it’s real or fake.

I don’t care what yall say, this relationship is fake, and I still wish Drake would’ve really propoposed to Rihanna that day at the American Music Awards even if they “broke up” the next day. LOL. I don’t think his relationship with RiRi was real either. Theirs could’ve been a fling though.