Drake & Kanye West Could Beef Over Theory About Adonis & North West’s Rapping

North West and Kim Kardashian

Who you got in a rap battle between North West and Adonis?

Drake and Kanye West may have something else to beef over based on a new theory about why Adonis’ rap debut was outshined by North West’s.

In a lengthy tweet shared on Twitter (X) recently, a user outlined a litany of reasons why North’s song was much better than Adonis’. According to the tweet, North’s use of literary devices such as double entendres and an impressive combination of improvised internal and rhyme schemes giver her the edge when putting their tracks side-by-side. Bro even broke down how North was flexing her brother’s soccer obsession and recent link up with Lionel Messi in her verse.

While it’s hard to believe North was referencing the “sociopolitical effects” of a 2011 volcanic eruption in her verse, it isn’t hard to tell that her bars are catchy as she raps, “It’s your bestie, Miss Miss Westie.” In the same breath, social media users have long championed Adonis for his in-pocket flows on “My Man.”

North definitely has to catch up when it comes to making public appearances with her dad—because Adonis and Drake are killing her and Ye in that department. Between the court side NBA games and their recent NOCTA x Nike campaign with Kehlani, the father-son duo from The 6 is really outside at the moment. Anyway, check out the insane theory below.